Introducing Brittany Hartt Designs: A Journey from Corporate Professional to Mompreneur

Introducing Brittany Hartt Designs: A Journey from Corporate Professional to Mompreneur

Hello there! I'm Brittany, the proud Owner, and Designer of Brittany Hartt Designs. I recently embarked on an incredible journey, leaving behind my 10-year healthcare career in September to dive headfirst into Brittany Hartt Designs full-time. And what better way to share this adventure than to take you along on my wild ride from a corporate professional to an entrepreneur and a work-from-home mom?

My story with Brittany Hartt Designs began when my daughter, Sophia, was just 6 months old. Like any new mom, I grappled with finding my new identity after changing careers and adapting to the responsibilities of motherhood. It was a period of significant change, watching my life evolve while my husband's remained relatively unchanged. Many of our shared hobbies were no longer practical with a newborn, so I set out to discover a new passion.

Enter the Cricut machine, a game-changer in the crafting world during 2018-2019. Inspired by a former coworker, Candace, and her creative doormats, I delved into the world of DIY onesies and faux leather bows. My love for crafting blossomed, and as my skills grew, I sought an even greater challenge - sewing. The influence of Sweet Red Poppy, a renowned name in the Cricut and sewing community, stirred memories of sewing with my grandmother during summer visits. That's when the idea of making clothes for my daughter took root, leading to the birth of Brittany Hartt Designs.

My journey into sewing had its share of challenges, especially with my first attempts at making Bummies by Big Noggin. Admittedly, those initial pairs were less than stellar. However, with perseverance, YouTube tutorials, and support from early customers (some of whom are still with me today!), I honed my skills.

A pivotal moment came when I discovered White Birch Textiles, formerly known as Lilliana Monique, and their luscious Double Brushed Polyester fabric. This marked the birth of the beloved BHD leggings, which have become a staple in my shop over the past 5 years.

While business steadily grew, the turning point came in November 2020 during the height of the COVID pandemic. Sewing became my solace, a coping mechanism during the stressful days of managing a Hospitalist team. It was also a period of personal tragedy when I experienced the heartbreaking loss of my daughter, Hayden, at almost 21 weeks. In the midst of grief, my community rallied around me, flooding me with orders and igniting a newfound passion for sewing, even amid profound sorrow.

Now, you might wonder why I chose to leave healthcare administration behind for children's clothing. The answer is simple - passion and freedom. A moment of clarity revealed that I was missing out on the joys of motherhood, stretched too thin and with an empty cup. My kids, the very reason for my hard work, were growing up before my eyes. Something had to change, and I couldn't fathom giving up the role of a mom or the joy I found in Brittany Hartt Designs. So, I made the leap, handed in my resignation, and haven't looked back since.

Brittany Hartt Designs is more than just a children's clothing shop; it's the joy of your child's milestones, the excitement of their first zoo trip, and the happiness they feel in their favorite unicorn dress. It's also about sharing in your grief, creating memorial outfits for those taken too soon.

Here's to embracing motherhood and following the less-traveled path. I'm thrilled to see where this journey takes us. Cheers!

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