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Both cotton spandex and cotton spandex French terry are popular fabric choices for clothing, offering a blend of comfort, stretch, and versatility. Here are the benefits of each:

Cotton Spandex:

Comfort: Cotton is known for its softness and breathability, making cotton spandex fabric comfortable to wear against the skin.

Stretch: The addition of spandex (also known as elastane or Lycra) provides stretchiness and elasticity to the fabric, allowing it to comfortably stretch and move with the body.

Fit: The stretchiness of cotton spandex fabric allows for a more form-fitting and flattering fit, enhancing the silhouette of the garment.

Versatility: Cotton spandex fabric is versatile and can be used for a wide range of clothing items, including T-shirts, leggings, jeans, dresses, activewear, and underwear.

Breathability: While spandex adds stretch, cotton contributes to the fabric's breathability, helping to keep the wearer cool and comfortable, especially in warmer weather.

Durability: Cotton spandex fabric tends to be durable and resistant to wear and tear, ensuring that garments made from it maintain their shape and integrity over time.

Easy Care: Cotton spandex fabric is generally easy to care for and can often be machine washed and dried, making it convenient for everyday wear.

Cotton Spandex French Terry:

Softness: French terry fabric has a looped pile on one side, which creates a soft and cozy texture against the skin, adding an extra level of comfort to garments made from cotton spandex French terry.

Stretch: Similar to cotton spandex, the addition of spandex in cotton spandex French terry provides stretchiness and flexibility, allowing for ease of movement.

Breathability: Despite its softness and thickness, cotton spandex French terry retains some degree of breathability, making it suitable for a variety of climates and activities.

Moisture Wicking: French terry fabric has moisture-wicking properties, meaning it can absorb moisture away from the skin, keeping the wearer dry and comfortable during physical activities.

Warmth: The looped pile of French terry fabric provides insulation, making garments made from cotton spandex French terry suitable for cooler weather.

Versatility: Cotton spandex French terry is versatile and can be used for a range of clothing items, including sweatshirts, hoodies, joggers, loungewear, and athleisure wear.

Durability: Similar to cotton spandex, cotton spandex French terry fabric is durable and resistant to wear and tear, ensuring longevity and quality in garments.

In summary, both cotton spandex and cotton spandex French terry offer a combination of comfort, stretch, breathability, and durability, making them popular choices for a wide range of clothing items. Whether you're looking for everyday basics or activewear, these fabrics provide comfort and performance.

Cotton Blends

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