Collection: Peplums


Introducing Our Handcrafted Kids' Peplum Collection: Where Style Meets Comfort

At Brittany Hartt Designs, we believe that fashion should be fun, stylish, and comfortable for your little ones. That's why we're thrilled to present our Handcrafted Kids' Peplum Collection—a delightful fusion of creativity, craftsmanship, and playful charm.

Each piece in this collection is lovingly handmade by skilled artisans who take pride in creating unique and adorable peplum tops for your precious children. We've carefully curated a range of fabrics to ensure a variety of looks to suit every occasion and personality.


Cheerful Prints: Let your child's personality shine with our peplum tops featuring whimsical prints and patterns. From playful polka dots to vibrant florals, these designs will make your little one stand out with joy.

Our commitment to quality goes beyond just the fabric. We carefully select materials that are gentle on your child's skin and easy to care for. With a focus on durability and comfort, you can trust that our peplums will withstand the adventures of childhood.

Whether your child is dancing through a field of wildflowers, attending a special event, or simply enjoying a day of play, our Handcrafted Kids' Peplum Collection is designed to bring smiles, style, and comfort to their every moment.

Explore the magic of our handmade peplums today and let your child's imagination and style soar!


Floral peplum in pinks and reds

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