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Mystic Unicorn Bamboo 2-Piece Set

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Introducing our Kids Bamboo Sleepwear 2-Piece Set – a dreamy ensemble designed for the sweetest of dreams and coziest of nights. Crafted with utmost care, this sleepwear set is made from a luxurious blend of 95% bamboo and 5% spandex, ensuring your child's comfort is met with unparalleled softness and flexibility.

Why choose bamboo? The magic lies in its natural properties – bamboo fabric is incredibly gentle on the skin, offering a silky touch that your little one will adore. The breathability of bamboo keeps them cool and comfy, while the added touch of spandex ensures a perfect fit for every movement, whether it's bedtime stories or morning play.

This 2-piece set is not just about comfort; it's a celebration of style and practicality. The top features a charming design, reflecting the innocence and joy of childhood, while the bottoms offer a cozy fit that allows for easy movement during sleep or play. The set is perfect for creating a bedtime routine that feels special and exciting.

Designed to be as easy for parents as it is delightful for kids, the bamboo sleepwear set is machine-washable and retains its softness even after multiple washes. The durability of bamboo ensures that this sleepwear set will be a cherished part of your child's wardrobe for a long time.

Elevate bedtime with the perfect blend of luxury and functionality. Our Kids Bamboo Sleepwear 2-Piece Set is more than just sleepwear; it's an invitation to a world of comfort and style where dreams come alive. Make bedtime magical with the softness and sustainability of bamboo!

Product Safety

Children's safety is the top concern here at Hartt Designs. We want all of our precious babies to dress their HD best, but never at the expense of their health.

  • Always have adult supervision when a baby is wearing a bow or headwrap. A child can easily pull a bow down around their neck if left unattended. NEVER leave a bow/headwrap on a child in a car seat, especially while rear-facing.
  • Always remove bow/headwrap from the child before placing in a crib, bed, or playpen to sleep or play unsupervised.